Best medicine in diabetics

Best medicine in diabetics

Best medicine in diabetics




Best medicine in diabetes
Best medicine in diabetes

Those who do not control their diabetes through diet and exercise should be treated with medication.


How many types of the best medicine in diabetes?

There are two types of diabetes medications- 1. Eating tablets and 2. Insulin

  1. Eating tablets :
    Diabetics who are not insulin-dependent (type 2 diabetes) are usually given oral tablets.

Tablets are not given if the patient has complications. Such as ketoacidosis, gastrointestinal diabetes, retinopathy, kidney disease, during surgery.

Eating pills usually make the insulin-secreting cells work harder. So in the future, the cells are damaged. Then eating tablets in a few days works well. But 10 to 15 years after the onset of diabetes, the tablet no longer works for most patients. Then only insulin is needed.


  1. Insulin injection :
    Treatment with insulin should be started only in case of diabetes or at the IGT level. So by resting the insulin-producing cells in the early stages, diabetes can be reduced.

There are three types of insulin injections. They are divided into tenures. Namely- 1. Quick 2. Slow, and 3. Effective in very slow rhythms

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