Keeping weight normal to protect diabetes

Keeping weight normal to prevent diabetes

Keeping weight normal to prevent diabetes

Keeping weight normal to prevent diabetes

Obesity or overweight is a chronic health problem that is often difficult to treat. Being overweight affects our bodies in many ways. Most of them are more likely to develop diabetes. People who are generally obese are less likely to develop diabetes. But those who have more belly or waist fat are more likely to get diabetes. If there is an excess in the blood cells of the body, the performance of the pancreas gland decreases.

A healthy body needs a minimum amount of fat for the proper functioning of hormones, reproduction, and immunity, which can be used as heat insulators, shock absorption of sensitive areas, and energy for future use. Keeping weight normal is very important for the body to prevent diabetes.

What is overweight?

Being overweight or obese is more than the weight that is considered healthy for a certain height of the body.
Obesity usually increases where there is plenty of food and a sedentary lifestyle.

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